API 653 ICP Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector, by Wilkinson Coutts.

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The Global 1st time pass-rate of greater than 95%

The API 653 Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector, must have a broad knowledge base relating to tank inspection and repair of aboveground storage tanks.

The course will satisfy the minimum qualifications specified in API Standard 653: Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration, and Reconstruction.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) offers a certification programme for individual in-service inspectors handling the in-service inspection of pressure vessels, pipework and storage tanks.

API also manages an expansive catalogueof API ‘codes’ which standardise practice.The certifications are a legal requirement for inspectors in many US states.

Many other countries regulatory authorities [Accreditation Bodies] also use these codes, to assess evidence of inspector competence.

In Europe, the EU Accreditation Bodies, requires API qualiffication of the Inspectors, which are involved in accredited activities according ISO 17020.

However, International Facilities and On-shore Plants, along with the lack of a similarly broad scope of recognised standards in other countries, has resulted in the wide adoption of API practice within international plant industries.

The API certification programme is broken down into a series of API schemes, known as Individual CertificationProgrammes (ICPs).

API certificates have become the most regarded, desired and demanded credentials in the in-service inspection industry.

API Certificates are providing a method to improve technical and code knowledge and strengthening the holders overallcompetence and career prospects.