Dear friends,

The Greek Institute of Welding is a Non-profit Organization, and its Revenues as well as Cost Covering Balance Schemes, are mainly determined by the:

- Contributions Membership, to cover annual IIW and EWF memberships, part of Acccreditation Fees, Accreditation Fees to IIW and EWF for the ANB audit & authorization process, ATB's audit & authorization process Fees, basic operational costs, accounting, representation of the Welding Greek Institute in international assemblies and technical meetings, promotional and marketing costs, etc..  

- Examination Fees, to cover the Examination Expenses, Examiners Fees, Transportation expenses, Examination Centers expenses, test coupons preparation and maintenance, Administrative costs related to the Examination Venues, Exams Software Data Base creation and maintenance, Accounting expenses for invoicing of services, Diplomas Issue and Delivery, Diplomas Fees to the IIW / EWF Organizations, etc..

- Certification Fees of personnel, who request Accredited International recognition through Professional Certification Schemes. This Categoty of Income, covers the Certification Commitees meetings and venues expenses, Certifyiers labor costs, the cost of Stamps to deliver, the Administrative costs related to the Certification Process, Register Data Base creation and maintenance, Accounting expenses for certification services, Certificates Issue and Delivery, Yearly Accreditation Fees to the Accreditation Body [ESYD], etc..

- Training Fees, by the Training Excellence Center [TEC] activities, covering the Trainers costs, Material Development and Reproduction costs, Distance Learning platform design, development and maintenance costs, facilities use, practical training costs, training coupons construction and maintenance, accounting expenses for invoicing and collection om income, administrative expenses related to the training promotion and organization, etc.. 

Every of the above Categories of INCOME, covers the balance of the specific EXPENSES for each related activity. Total Balance should be ZERO (0), as the global activity is defined NON PROFIT.

The Annual Membership fees are 100 euro, and once apply, the WGI will approve the application in order to become a Full Member with all privileges as mentioned bellow.

Members of the Greek Welding Institute have, inter alia, institutional role. Elected every two years the Director General of the Institute and his alternate, with significant responsibilities in management of the Institute, Training activities, and its representation in international organizations that all types of technical issues. When an individual or organization acquires the status of «Member», then it becomes receiver of a series of privileges, which are as follows:


  1. Obtaining the specific professional identity recognition (WGI ID), in which there are information of qualifications & professional skills in welding.
  2. Privileged access to a network of contracted companies for a range of services and products in the field of welding.
  3. Accessing technical data bases for regulations, standards, guidelines and working standards, at National and International level through the web application.
  4. Participation in international working groups and special interest Forum with technological and commercial extensions.
  5. Receipt free issues per year (Hard Copies or e-copies) of Welding Greek institute Bulletin.
  6. Discount 40% off all Exams and Certifications rates of Greek Institute of Welding.
  7. Free entry to National Welding Conferences, with honorary invitation


Membership Application Physical Person
Membership Application Legal Entity