Dear visitors and members of the Institute,

The «Business NETWORKING» Section of the Welding Greek Institute website, aims to satisfy the request of dozens of members and professionals within the art of welding, for information exchange and interconnect enterprises to extraversion entrepreneurship sector metal construction.

The Greek Welding Institute, aspires to fulfill a key role in this evolution, and form the connective tissue of the information which today may be critical for the development of the sustainability of a company.

Many Companies Operation's Standards requires qualifications for welding related personnel, and the Welding Greek Institute is placed in the Center of the Welding Community. 

On the other hand, the networking of individuals and professionals, aims to identify skilled labor, as an important contribution on society, the National economy and Market Development.

The ability to provide information and recommend specific individuals to work in companies industry in Greece and abroad, is very important for both the Companies themselves and for Executives looking for an occupational position.